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We are manufacturer and exports of dental insturments and scissors Of all sort.Further we deliver today demand. We invite your attention please towards our Present beauty of worth seeing instruments, Which are being delivered all over the World at very reasonable price, Because our Profit is our manufacturing.

Since 1947 our company has been manufacturing and distributing high-qualty Dental Instruments & sicissors of all sort.That have gained a world wide reputation for excelence.We view our past success and in particular, our responsibility toward the surgeon and the Patient as an obligation to continued to focus our skill experience, and creativity on advancing the art of medical technology in the future.Following successful conclusion of a review by tuv products services.Patwal is Now certified inconformity conformity MOODY ISO 9001:2000 eg This is accordance with highest verification level.


We are from Patwal Surgical. The founder name Haji Rahmat Ali [late]. Since 1947 our cOmpany has been manufacturing and distributing and distributing high-quality Surgical instrument Dental instrument, Holloware, Manicure, Medical Instruments and all sorts of Scissors that have gained a world wide requtation for eXcellence . We view our past success and in particular, Our responsibility to wards the surgeon and the patient as an obligation to continued to focus our sKill, experience and creativity on advancing the art of medical technology in the future



We are in the sialkot chamber of commerceand industry under the registration #A- 01107 #P-019, as well as the surgical instruments association of Pakistan under the Registration #P-019, Patwal is now certified in conformity MOODY ISO 9001;200 eg This is accordance with highest verification level

Patwal corporation is safen guarded by the permanent enhancement of exciting products and the development of product innovations as well as use Of the most modem meterials.Careful selection of high raw materials and consumable creates the high quality level of all Patwal instruments.All instruments manufactured and sold by the Patwal bear the Patwal logo and their individual article numbers as well as the european CE Ma

We reserv the right of technical and improvements and to supply the instruments and apparatus with out specific indication in the modified finish.The use this catalogue is restricted to action necessary for selling original Patwal products.The use for any purpose other then selling original Patwal products is prohibited and will be prosecuted. Reprinting even partially is not allowed.

Patwal is continuously improving the system and of its products.While assessing of Patwal the food and drug administration (FDA) have awarded with current good manufacturing parctice (cGMP). A high develompent and more then 50 Years of experience in medical and surgical instruments have made Patwal a reliable partner in the medical sector

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Tel :0092(52)3254116,3254646,3254113
Fax :0092(52)3254114,3254115
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